140CPS12420 power supply

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Power Supply Module Modicon Quantum – 115 V/230 V AC – redundant

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Power Supply Module Modicon Quantum: 115 V/230 V AC, redundant

range of product
Modicon Quantum automation platform
product or component type
Power supply module
power supply type
input voltage
230 V AC 170… 276 V
115 V AC 93…138 V 47…63 Hz
input current
1100 mA 115 V
600 mA 230 V
inrush current
19 A 230 V
38 A 115 V
rated power in VA
130 VA
associated fuse rating
2 A slow-blow
harmonic distortion
<= 10 % of fundamental rms value
output voltage
5.1 V DC
power supply output current
11 A 140 °F (60 °C) standalone
10 A 140 °F (60 °C) redundant
output overvoltage protection
output overload protection
power dissipation
6 + (1.5 x Iout), where Iout is in A
alarm output
1 NC 6 A 220 V power supply fault
local signalling
1 LED green power (PWR OK)
module format
product weight
1.43 lb(US) (0.65 kg)
UL 508
CSA C22.2 No 142
product certifications
resistance to electrostatic discharge
4 kV contact conforming to IEC 801-2
8 kV on air conforming to IEC 801-2
resistance to electromagnetic fields
9.14 V/yd (10 V/m) 80…2000 MHz conforming to IEC 801-3
ambient air temperature for operation
32…140 °F (0…60 °C)
ambient air temperature for storage
-40…185 °F (-40…85 °C)
relative humidity
95 % without condensation
operating altitude
<= 16404.2 ft (5000 m)


  1. High Efficiency:
    • The power supply is designed to provide high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and heat generation.
  2. Overload Protection:
    • It includes protection against overload, ensuring the safety and longevity of the connected devices.
  3. Overvoltage Protection:
    • Prevents damage to the control system by automatically shutting down in case of overvoltage conditions.
  4. Short Circuit Protection:
    • Protects the power supply and connected equipment by shutting down in case of a short circuit.
  5. LED Indicators:
    • The module includes LED indicators for status monitoring, making it easy to check the operational status at a glance.
  6. Mounting:
    • Designed for DIN rail mounting, providing easy installation and integration into industrial control panels.
  7. Compliance:
    • The power supply meets various international standards, ensuring compatibility and safety in different regions.


The 140CPS12420 power supply is widely used in various industrial applications, including:

  • Process Control: Provides reliable power to process control systems in manufacturing and production facilities.
  • Automation Systems: Used in automated systems for continuous and efficient operation.
  • PLC Systems: Powers Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in industrial automation setups.
  • SCADA Systems: Integral part of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, ensuring stable power supply.


The 140CPS12420 power supply is a robust and reliable component for industrial automation systems, offering high efficiency, multiple protections, and ease of installation. Proper installation and regular maintenance will ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.