140CPU67861C Modicon Quantum automation platform

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Range of product Modicon Quantum automation platform.
Product or component type Unity processor.
Mode of transmission Single mode.
Clock frequency 266 MHz.
Number of slots 16
number of racks 2 – local rack(s).
number of distributed I/O station 63 station(s) – 1 rack(s) – 3 Modbus Plus network(s).
number of remote I/O station 31 – 2 rack(s) per S908 remote I/O.
31 – 2 rack(s) per ethernet Quantum remote I/O.
31 – 2 rack(s) per ethernet X80 remote I/O.
discrete I/O number 31744 inputs, 31744 outputs – remote.
8000 inputs, 8000 outputs – distributed – per network. Modbus Plus.
Unlimited (31 drops of 28 slots max) – ethernet remote I/O.
0 – local – forbidden in Hot Standby application.
analogue I/O number 500 inputs, 500 outputs – distributed – per network Modbus Plus.
Unlimited (31 drops of 28 slots max) – ethernet remote I/O
1984 inputs, 1984 outputs, remote.
0 – local – forbidden in Hot Standby application.
Application specific I/O High-speed interrupt inputs.
Serial link
Accurate time stamping.
Communication service Ethernet router.
number of optional modules 6 (Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, Sy/Max).
maximum number of connections 1 USB
2 AS-Interface – distributed.
4 AS-Interface: remote.
6 Ethernet TCP/IP (local).
6 Modbus Plus—local.
6 Profibus DP (local).
1 Modbus (RS232/485 Modbus/ASCII).
integrated connection type 1 Modbus Plus with.
1 Modbus with.
1 USB with.
1 optic fibre with Hot Standby.
Checks Hot standby.
Process control.
memory description Expandable 7168 kB – program with PCMCIA card.
Expandable 8 MB – file storage with PCMCIA card.
Internal RAM 3072 kB – 1536 kB for data.
Switch function Key switch memory port on/off.
application structure 1 periodic fast task – forbidden in Hot Standby application.
128 I/O interrupt tasks – forbidden in Hot Standby. application.
128 interrupt tasks – forbidden in Hot Standby application.
32 timer interrupt tasks – forbidden in Hot Standby. application.
4 auxiliary tasks – forbidden in Hot Standby application.
number of instructions per ms 10.28 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean
10.07 Kinst/ms: 65 % Boolean and 35 % numerical.
system overhead 0.2 ms for fast tasks.
1 ms for the master task.
Bus current requirement 2760 mA.
local signalling 1 LED (green) for Ethernet activity (COM).
1 LED (red) for Ethernet collision.
electrical connection 1 female connector, connector type: SUB-D 9 for. connecting to the Modbus Plus network.
1 connector, connector type: RJ45, for connecting Modbus buses.
1 connector, connector type: LC (single mode fiber optic). for interconnecting primary and secondary PLCs up to 16 km.
Protective treatment Conformal coating: Humiseal 1A33.
Product certifications UL
Misc (Marine).
Standards HazLoc
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 11.0 cm.
Package 1 Width 18.5 cm.
Package 1 Length 32.5 cm.
Package 1 Weight 1.424 kg.


The 140CPU67861C Modicon Quantum is a high-performance automation platform designed by Schneider Electric to meet the demands of complex and critical industrial processes. As part of the Modicon Quantum series, this central processing unit (CPU) plays a crucial role in controlling and managing sophisticated automation systems, offering robust capabilities for large-scale and high-speed applications.

Design and Architecture

The 140CPU67861C is engineered with a focus on performance, reliability, and scalability. Here’s a detailed look at its design and architecture:

  • Processor: The 140CPU67861C features a powerful microprocessor designed to handle extensive computational tasks efficiently. The CPU is capable of executing complex logic and control algorithms, providing high-speed processing essential for real-time applications.
  • Memory: This CPU is equipped with substantial memory resources, including both volatile and non-volatile memory. The RAM and flash memory are designed to support extensive program storage, data handling, and execution, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • Architecture: The architecture of the 140CPU67861C is optimized for modularity and flexibility. It supports a wide range of I/O modules and communication processors, allowing users to customize their automation system according to specific needs. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Modicon Quantum components, creating a cohesive and scalable automation solution.

Performance and Features

The 140CPU67861C offers several key features and performance attributes:

  1. Processing Speed: The CPU is engineered for high-speed data processing, capable of handling complex tasks and large volumes of data with minimal latency. This high-speed processing capability is essential for applications requiring real-time control and monitoring.
  2. Communication Capabilities: The 140CPU67861C supports multiple communication protocols and interfaces, including Ethernet, Modbus, and others. This versatility ensures seamless integration with various industrial networks and facilitates communication with other automation components and systems.
  3. Scalability: One of the notable features of the 140CPU67861C is its scalability. The platform can be expanded by adding additional I/O modules, communication processors, and other components, allowing it to adapt to growing and evolving automation needs.
  4. Reliability: Designed for mission-critical applications, the 140CPU67861C incorporates advanced features to ensure high reliability and uptime. These include redundancy options, fault-tolerant design, and self-diagnostic capabilities, which help maintain system integrity and minimize downtime.
  5. Programming and Configuration: The CPU is compatible with Schneider Electric’s programming and configuration tools, such as Unity Pro. These tools provide a user-friendly interface for developing, debugging, and deploying control programs, simplifying the development process and enhancing productivity.


The 140CPU67861C Modicon Quantum CPU is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its robust performance and flexibility:

  1. Industrial Automation: The CPU is ideal for controlling complex industrial processes, including manufacturing, processing, and assembly operations. Its high-speed processing and extensive communication capabilities make it well-suited for managing intricate control systems and optimizing production efficiency.
  2. Utilities and Infrastructure: In utilities and infrastructure applications, the 140CPU67861C is used for managing critical systems such as water treatment, energy distribution, and transportation. Its reliability and scalability ensure that it can handle the demands of large-scale and mission-critical operations.
  3. Building Management: The CPU can be employed in building management systems to control HVAC, lighting, security, and other building systems. Its integration capabilities and scalability allow for comprehensive management of building environments.
  4. Transportation Systems: For transportation systems, including railways and airports, the 140CPU67861C offers robust control and monitoring capabilities. It helps manage operations such as signaling, traffic control, and passenger information systems.


  • High Performance: The 140CPU67861C delivers exceptional processing speed and data handling capabilities, making it suitable for complex and real-time applications.
  • Flexible Integration: With support for multiple communication protocols and modular design, the CPU integrates seamlessly with various components and systems.
  • Scalability: The platform can be easily expanded to accommodate growing automation needs, ensuring long-term flexibility and adaptability.
  • Reliability: Advanced reliability features and fault-tolerant design enhance system stability and reduce the risk of downtime.

Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation: The 140CPU67861C is designed for straightforward installation. It can be mounted in a standard rack or enclosure, with modular components connected via standardized backplane or communication interfaces. Detailed installation instructions and guidelines are provided to ensure proper setup and integration.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance involves monitoring system performance, updating software, and performing routine diagnostics. The CPU’s self-diagnostic features help identify potential issues early, allowing for timely intervention and minimizing downtime.


The 140CPU67861C Modicon Quantum automation platform is a powerful and versatile CPU designed to meet the demands of complex and critical industrial applications. With its high processing speed, extensive communication capabilities, and scalability, it provides a robust solution for managing and optimizing automation systems. Its reliability, flexibility, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to building management and infrastructure.