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Range of Product Modicon Momentum automation platform
Product or Component Type Fipio communication adaptor
Bus manager PLC Premium
Structure type Open industrial support conforming to Fip standard
communication port protocol Fipio
Method of access Producer/consumer principle
Transmission Rate 1 Mbit/s
Transmission support medium Optical fibre 50/125
Twisted shielded pairs cable
Optical fibre 62.5/125
Topology Extension or tap off cable
Number of devices per segment 0…31 per segment without repeater
0…97 all segment with repeater
Maximum cable distance between devices 16404.20 ft (5000 m)
Fail state Maintain value
Forcing to state zero
Full scale value
Fallback to zero
Supply From I/O base
Marking CE
Local signalling For module powered up or in service (RUN) 1 LED (green)
for fault state (ERR) 1 LED (red)
for recieve or send data (COM) 1 LED (yellow)
Net Weight 0.24 lb(US) (0.11 kg)
Product Certifications CE
Protective treatment TC
Resistance to electrostatic discharge 4 kV contact IEC 801-2
8 kV on air IEC 801-2
Resistance to electromagnetic fields 9.14 V/m (10 V/m) 80…1000 MHz IEC 801-3
Ambient air temperature for operation 32…140 °F (0…60 °C)
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage -40…185 °F (-40…85 °C)
Relative Humidity 95 % without condensation
Operating altitude <= 16404.2 ft (5000 m)
Ordering and shipping details
Discount Schedule PC31
GTIN 3389110896527
Returnability No
Country of origin FR
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 2.17 in (5.5 cm)
Package 1 Width 7.09 in (18.0 cm)
Package 1 Length 10.24 in (26.0 cm)
Package 1 Weight 6.53 oz (185.0 g)
Unit Type of Package 2 S03
Number of Units in Package 2 8
Package 2 Height 11.81 in (30.0 cm)
Package 2 Width 11.81 in (30.0 cm)
Package 2 Length 15.75 in (40.0 cm)
Package 2 Weight 3.60 lb(US) (1.632 kg)