1746-P2 Allen-Bradley

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Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 1746-P2
Series SLC 500
Module Type Power Supply
Input Power 70 Watts
Input Voltage 120 to 220 Volts AC
Typical line power requirement 180VA
Inrush Current 20 Amps
Backplane Current (5 Volts) 5 amps
Internal Current Capacity 5 A at 5V dc; 0.96 A at 24V dc

Key Features:

  • Input Power:
    • Voltage Range: The 1746-P2 operates on a wide range of AC input voltages, typically 85 to 264 VAC.
    • Frequency: It supports standard industrial power frequencies of 47 to 63 Hz.
  • Output Power:
    • Output Voltage: Provides a regulated 24 VDC output to power the SLC 500 chassis and its installed modules.
    • Current Capacity: The power supply can deliver up to 2.0 A at 5 VDC and 0.46 A at 24 VDC, ensuring adequate power for the installed modules.
  • Form Factor:
    • Modular Design: Designed to fit seamlessly into the left-most slot of the SLC 500 chassis, making it easy to install and integrate into existing systems.
  • Protection and Reliability:
    • Overvoltage Protection: Protects the system from voltage spikes and surges, ensuring stable operation.
    • Overcurrent Protection: Prevents damage to the power supply and connected modules by limiting the current during overload conditions.
    • Temperature Monitoring: Includes features to monitor and respond to overheating, enhancing overall reliability.
  • Indicators and Diagnostics:
    • LED Indicators: Provides visual status indicators for power, allowing for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.
    • Diagnostics: Built-in diagnostic features help identify issues quickly, reducing downtime and maintenance efforts.


  • Industrial Automation:
    • Used in various industrial automation systems to provide reliable power to SLC 500 PLCs, supporting manufacturing, process control, and material handling applications.
  • Manufacturing:
    • Essential for maintaining continuous and reliable operation of production lines, machinery, and automated systems in manufacturing facilities.
  • Process Control:
    • Supports process control systems in industries such as food and beverage, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals, ensuring stable and precise control of processes.
  • Building Automation:
    • Used in building management systems to power control modules for HVAC, lighting, security, and other building automation applications.


  • Reliable Power Supply:
    • Ensures stable and continuous power to the SLC 500 system, minimizing the risk of unexpected shutdowns and disruptions.
  • Ease of Installation:
    • Simple installation process allows for quick setup and integration into existing SLC 500 systems, reducing downtime and labor costs.
  • Enhanced Protection:
    • Comprehensive protection features safeguard the system from electrical faults and overheating, enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Scalability:
    • Supports the addition of more modules and expansion of the SLC 500 system by providing adequate power capacity.

Installation and Configuration:

  • Physical Installation:
    • The 1746-P2 power supply is installed in the left-most slot of the SLC 500 chassis. Secure the module with screws and connect the input power wiring as per the installation guidelines.
  • Wiring:
    • Connect the AC input power to the designated terminals, ensuring proper grounding and adherence to electrical codes and standards.
  • Startup:
    • Once installed and wired, power on the system and check the LED indicators to verify proper operation and power supply status.

Maintenance and Support:

  • Regular Monitoring:
    • Periodically check the LED indicators and diagnostic outputs to ensure the power supply is functioning correctly and to detect any early signs of issues.
  • Environmental Considerations:
    • Maintain a clean and cool environment around the power supply to prevent overheating and ensure efficient operation.
  • Technical Support:
    • Access Allen-Bradley’s extensive support resources, including technical documentation, online forums, and direct technical assistance for troubleshooting and optimizing system performance.