ATS48C11Y Soft Starter

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The ATS48C11Y ensures smooth starting and stopping of motors by controlling the voltage applied to the motor.

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Range of Product Altistart 48
Product or Component Type Soft starter
product destination Asynchronous motors
Product-Specific Application Heavy-duty industry and pumps
device’s short name ATS48
utilisation category AC-53A
Ue power supply voltage 208…690 V – 15…10 %
power supply frequency 50…60 Hz, 5…5 %
motor power kW 22 kW 230 V for severe applications,
30 kW 230 V for standard applications,
45 kW, 400 V for severe applications,
45 kW at 440 V for severe applications.
55 kW, 400 V for standard applications,
55 kW 440 V for standard applications.
55 kW, 500 V for severe applications,
55 kW (525 V) for severe applications,
75 kW, 500 V for standard applications.
75 kW 525 V for standard applications.
75 kW, 660 V for severe applications,
75 kW 690 V for severe applications,
90 kW at 660 V for standard applications.
90 kW (690 V) for standard applications.
Maximum Horse Power Rating 100 hp 575 V for standard applications,
25 hp, 208 V for severe applications.
30 hp, 208 V for standard applications,
30 hp 230 V for severe applications,
40 hp, 230 V for standard applications.
60 hp, 460 V for severe applications,
75 hp, 460 V for standard applications.
75 hp (575 V) for severe applications.
device connection In the motor supply line
protection type Phase failure line,
Thermal protection motor.
Thermal protection starter.
standards EN/IEC 60947-4-2
Product Certifications GOST,
NOM 117,
marking CE
discrete input number 5
discrete input type PTC, 750 Ohm, 77 °F (25 °C),
Stop, Run, LI3, LI4) logic, <= 8 mA, 4300 Ohm.
discrete input logic Positive logic Stop, Run, LI3, LI4 < 5 V <= 2 mA > 11 V, >= 5 mA.
minimum switching current 10 mA, 6 V DC relay outputs
discrete output number 2
discrete output type LO1) logic output 0 V common configurable.
LO2) logic output 0 V common configurable.
R1) relay outputs fault relay NO.
R2) relay outputs end of starting relay NO,
R3) relay outputs motor-powered NO.
analogue output type Current output: AO 0–20 mA or 4–20 mA, 500 Ohm.
communication port protocol Modbus
Connector Type 1 RJ45
communication data link Serial
physical interface RS485 multidrop
Transmission Rate 4800, 9600 or 19200 bps
Function Available External bypass (optional)
operating position Vertical +/- 10 degrees
Height 11.42 in. (290 mm)
Width 7.48 in. (190 mm)
Depth 9.25 in. (235 mm)
Net Weight 18.30 lb (US) (8.3 kg)
electromagnetic compatibility Conducted and radiated emissions level A, IEC 60947-4-2,
Conducted and radiated emissions level B, IEC 60947-4-2,
Damped oscillating waves, level 3, IEC 61000-4-12,
Electrostatic discharge level 3 (IEC 61000-4-2),
Immunity to electrical transients level 4 (IEC 61000-4-4)
Immunity to radiated radio-electrical interference level 3, IEC 61000-4-3,
Voltage/current impulse level 3 (IEC 61000-4-5).
relative humidity 0…95 % without condensation or dripping water, EN/IEC 60068-2-3.
ambient air temperature for operation 104…140 °F (40…60 °C) with current derating of 2 % per °C),
14…104 °F (-10…40 °C) without derating.
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage -13…158 °F (-25…70 °C).
operating altitude <= 3280.84 ft (1000 m) without derating,
> 3280.84…6561.68 ft (> 1000…2000 m) with current derating of 2.2 % per additional 100 m.
Ordering and shipping details
Category 22579-OPEN ATS48 ALTISTART
Discount Schedule CP1G
GTIN 3389110982343
Returnability Yes
Country of origin ID
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1: Height 14.37 in (36.5 cm)
Package 1: Width 12.01 in (30.5 cm)
Package 1 Length 15.75 in. (40 cm)
Package 1: Weight 23.49 lb (US) (10.657 kg)
Unit Type of Package 2 P06
Number of Units in Package 2 2
Package 2: Height 28.94 in (73.5 cm)
Package 2 Width 31.50 in. (80 cm)
Package 2 Length 23.62 in. (60 cm)
Package 2: Weight 75.65 lb (US) (34.314 kg)

Installation and Setup

  1. Mounting:
    • The soft starter should be mounted in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ensure it is properly secured to a flat, vertical surface.
  2. Wiring:
    • Follow the wiring diagram provided in the user manual. Ensure all connections are tight and secure to prevent electrical faults.
  3. Configuration:
    • Use the built-in LCD display to navigate through the setup menu. Set the parameters according to the motor and application requirements.
  4. Testing:
    • After installation, perform a test run to ensure the soft starter is functioning correctly. Check for any error messages or abnormal behavior.
  5. Maintenance:
    • Regularly inspect the soft starter for dust and debris. Clean the cooling vents and ensure all electrical connections remain secure.


The ATS48C11Y soft starter from Schneider Electric is a versatile and reliable solution for controlling three-phase motors. Its advanced features and protection mechanisms make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring smooth and efficient motor operation while extending the lifespan of the motor and connected machinery.