BMXDDI6402K Modicon X80

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Discrete input module M340: 64 inputs, 24 V DC positive

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range of product
Modicon X80
product or component type
Discrete input module
discrete input number
discrete input type
input type
Current sink (logic positive)
discrete input voltage
24 V DC positive
discrete input current
1 mA
sensor power supply
19…30 V
voltage state 1 guaranteed
>= 15 V
current state is guaranteed
>= 1 mA
voltage state 0 guaranteed
<= 5 V
current state 0 guaranteed
<= 0.5 mA
input impedance
24000 Ohm
insulation resistance
> 10 MOhm, 500 V DC
power dissipation in W
<= 4.3 W
DC typical filtering time
4 ms
DC maximum filtering time
7 ms
paralleling of inputs
typical current consumption
200 mA at 3.3 V DC
MTBF reliability
362681 H
protection type
Without reverse polarity protection,
1 external fuse per group of channel 0.5 A fast, blow.
voltage detection threshold
< 14 V DC sensor fault,
> 18 V DC sensor OK.
status LED
1 LED green +32 channels indicator,
1 LED green module operating (RUN),
1 LED per channel, green channel diagnostic,
1 LED red module I/O,
1 LED red module error (ERR).
product weight
0.32 lb (US) (0.145 kg)
IP degree of protection
2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive,
2012/19/EU: WEEE directive,
2014/30/EU: electromagnetic compatibility.
product certifications
Merchant Navy,
EN 61131-2,
EN 61000-6-2,
EN 61010-2-201,
EN 61000-6-4.
dielectric strength
1500 V AC at 50/60 Hz, 1 minute, primary/secondary,
500 V DC 1 minute, between group of, channels.
vibration resistance
3 gn
shock resistance
30 gn
ambient air temperature for storage
-40…185 °F (-40…85 °C)
ambient air temperature for operation
32…140 °F (0…60 °C)
relative humidity
5… 95% without condensation, 131 °F (55 °C)
protective treatment
operating altitude
0.6561.68 ft (0.2000 m)
2000–5000 m (with derating factor)
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18160, MODICON M340
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Modicon X80 Series Overview

The Modicon X80 series is designed to offer high-density, reliable, and flexible I/O modules that integrate seamlessly with Schneider Electric’s Modicon M580 and M340 automation platforms. These modules are built to meet the demands of various industrial applications, providing efficient data acquisition and control capabilities.

BMXDDI6402K Digital Input Module

The BMXDDI6402K is a digital input module designed to interface with a wide range of digital input devices. Here are its main features and specifications:


  • Digital Inputs: Provides multiple digital input channels for receiving signals from field devices such as sensors, switches, and other discrete input sources.
  • High-Density Input: Offers a high density of input channels in a single module, optimizing space and reducing installation costs.
  • LED Indicators: Equipped with LED indicators for each input channel, providing visual status feedback for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Electrical Isolation: Features electrical isolation between channels and system components to protect against electrical noise and ensure reliable operation.
  • Diagnostics: Includes diagnostic features to monitor the status and health of the input channels.


  • Type: Digital input module
  • Model Number: BMXDDI6402K
  • Input Channels: 64 digital input channels, providing a high-density input solution.
  • Input Voltage: Typically supports 24V DC input signals, commonly used in industrial automation.
  • Response Time: Fast response time suitable for high-speed data acquisition and control applications.
  • Current Consumption: Low power consumption, making it energy efficient.
  • Mounting: Fits into a standard X80 series rack, allowing for easy installation and integration with other modules.