ESEEXPCZZTPMZZ Schneider Electric License

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ESEEXPCZZTPMZZ” is a unique identifier used by Schneider Electric for licensing and product activation.



range of product EcoStruxure Machine Expert
product or component type License part number
software designation EcoStruxure Machine Expert
format Paper
quantity per set Set of 10
provided equipment License
type of license Standard
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1: Weight 53.0 g
Package 1: Height 0.2 cm
Package: 1 width 17.4 cm
Package 1 Length 24.9 cm
Unit Type of Package 2 S02
Number of Units in Package 2 8
Package 2: Weight 648.0 g
Package 2: Height 15 cm
Package 2 width 30 cm
Package 2 Length 40 cm

The code “ESEEXPCZZTPMZZ” associated with Schneider Electric likely pertains to a specific type of license or product identifier within their ecosystem. Here’s a detailed explanation based on typical uses in the context of Schneider Electric:

1. License Identification:

  • Unique License Code: “ESEEXPCZZTPMZZ” serves as a unique identifier for a license issued by Schneider Electric. It could be associated with software, hardware, or service subscriptions offered by the company.
  • Serial Number: Often used as a serial number or activation key during the installation or registration process of Schneider Electric products or services.

2. Application Areas:

  • Software Licensing: Commonly used in software products offered by Schneider Electric, such as industrial automation software (like EcoStruxure) or energy management solutions.
  • Hardware Activation: This could be applicable to hardware products that require activation or registration for warranty purposes or access to updates and support.
  • Service Subscriptions: Used in subscription-based services provided by Schneider Electric, including cloud services, maintenance agreements, or specialized support packages.

3. Security and Management:

  • Authentication: Ensures that only authorized users or systems can activate and utilize Schneider Electric products or services associated with this code.
  • Traceability: Enables Schneider Electric to track usage, manage customer licenses, and provide targeted support based on the specific product or service associated with the code.

4. Customer Experience:

  • Activation Process: Guides customers through the activation process, ensuring they can start using Schneider Electric products or services efficiently.
  • Support Access: Provides a means for customers to access technical support, updates, and additional resources related to their purchased licenses or subscriptions.


“ESEEXPCZZTPMZZ” is likely a critical component in Schneider Electric’s licensing and product management strategy, designed to streamline activation, enhance security, and improve customer service. For precise details regarding its application, including specific products or services it pertains to, consulting Schneider Electric’s documentation or customer support would provide the most accurate information.