ZB4BL434 Projecting Push Button Head 40mm, Harmony XB4

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range of product Harmony XB4.
product or component type Head for non-illuminated push-button.
device short name ZB4
bezel material Chromium plated metal.
mounting diameter 22 mm.
sale per indivisible quantity 1.
head type Standard.
shape of signaling unit head Round.
type of operator Spring return.
operator profile Red projecting, STOP (white).
CAD overall width 29 mm.
CAD overall height 29 mm.
CAD overall depth 33 mm.
mechanical durability 10000000 cycles.
electrical composition code C1 for <9 contacts using single blocks in front mounting.
C2 for <9 contacts using single and double blocks in. front mounting.
C11 for <3 contacts using single blocks in front mounting.
C15 for <1 contacts using single blocks in front mounting.
device presentation Basic element.
protective treatment TH
Ambient air temperature for storage -40…70 °C.
Ambient air temperature for operation -40…70 °C.
overvoltage category Class I conforms to IEC 60536.
IP degree of protection IP66 conforms to IEC 60529.
NEMA degree of protection NEMA 13
IK degree of protection IK06 conforms to IEC 50102.
Standards CSA C22.2 No. 14.
EN/IEC 60947-1.
EN/IEC 60947-5-4.
EN/IEC 60947-5-5.
JIS C8201-5-1.
UL 508.
EN/IEC 60947-5-1.
JIS C8201-1.
product certifications GL
LROS (Lloyds Register of Shipping).
UL listed
vibration resistance 5 gn (f= = 2,500 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6.
shock resistance 30 gn (duration = 18 ms) for half sine wave. acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27.
50 gn (duration = 11 ms) for half sine wave. acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27.
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE.
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 4.5 cm.
Package 1 Width 3.4 cm.
Package 1 Length 5.4 cm.
Package 1 Weight 29.5 g.
Unit Type of Package 2 S02.
Number of Units in Package 2 150.
Package 2 Height 15 cm.
Package 2 Width 30 cm.
Package 2 Length 40 cm.
Package 2 Weight 4.731 kg.


The ZB4BL434 is a projecting push-button head that is part of Schneider Electric’s Harmony XB4 range. Known for its robust design and reliability, the Harmony XB4 series is widely used in various industrial and commercial applications. This 40mm push-button head is engineered to offer superior performance and ease of use, making it an essential component for control panels and machinery.

Design and Construction

The ZB4BL434 is designed with a projecting profile, which allows for easy actuation. The push-button head measures 40 mm in diameter, providing a substantial surface area that is user-friendly and ensures positive operation. Its design is complemented by high-quality materials that contribute to its durability and resistance to harsh environments.

  • Material: The button head is made from durable plastic, which is both impact-resistant and capable of withstanding exposure to various chemicals. This ensures a long service life, even in demanding industrial settings.
  • Color and Finish: The ZB4BL434 typically comes in a range of colors, with the most common being red, green, and blue. The color options help in distinguishing different functions on the control panel, while the glossy finish adds to its aesthetic appeal and makes it easy to clean.

Functional Features

The projecting push-button head is designed for high visibility and ease of use. Here are some key functional features:

  • Projection: The projecting design of the ZB4BL434 ensures that the button is easily noticeable and can be actuated with minimal effort. This is particularly useful in environments where quick response is crucial.
  • Ergonomics: The 40mm diameter provides a comfortable area for operators to press, reducing the risk of operator fatigue and improving overall efficiency.
  • Modular Design: The ZB4BL434 is part of a modular system, meaning it can be easily integrated with other components in the Harmony XB4 range. This modularity allows for customizable configurations to meet specific operational needs.