140AVI03000 Modicon Quantum

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Analog Input Module Modicon Quantum: 8 I multirange

range of product
Modicon Quantum automation platform.
product or component type
Analogue input module.
type of filter
Single-pole low pass: 3 dB at 847 Hz +/- 20 %.
analogue input number
input type
addressing requirement
9 input words.
analogue input type
Bipolar current: 20 mA.
Bipolar voltage +/- 10 V.
Bipolar voltage +/- 5 V.
Unipolar current: 0.20 mA.
Unipolar voltage: 0…10 V.
Unipolar voltage: 0.5 V.
analogue input resolution
16 bits +/- 10 V.
16 bits +/- 5 V.
16 bits, 0…10 V.
16 bits, 0.20 mA.
16 bits, 0.5 V.
16 bits, 20 mA.
linear measuring range
(input range) x 1.024 V.
(input range) x 1.024 mA.
absolute maximum input
25 mA.
50 V DC.
input impedance
> 20 Ohm voltage.
250 MOhm +/- 0.03 %.
absolute accuracy error
+/- 0.03 %.
+/- 0.05 % of full scale maximum.
linearity error
+/- 0.008%.
accuracy drift according to temperature
+/- 0.0015 % of full scale/°C.
<= 0.004 % of full scale /°C.
common mode rejection
> 80 dB, 60 Hz.
isolation between channels and bus
500 Vrms AC for 60 s.
750 V DC.
isolation between channels
135 Vrms AC.
200 V DC.
update time
10 ms.
fault type
Broken wire: 4…20 mA.
Overtacking scale 1–5 V.
local signalling
1 LED green bus communication is present (Active).
1 LED-red external fault.
8 LED green channel are turned on.
8 LEDs with a with a red channel fault.
bus current requirement
280 mA.
power dissipation in W
2.2 W.
module format
product weight
0.66 lb (US) (0.3 kg).
UL 508
CSA C22.2 No. 142.
product certifications
FM Class 1 Division 2
resistance to electrostatic discharge
4 kV contact conforming to IEC 801-2.
8 kV on air, conforming to IEC 801-2.
resistance to electromagnetic fields
9.14 V/yd (10 V/m) 80…1000 MHz conforming to IEC 801-3.
ambient air temperature for operation
32…140 °F (0…60 °C).
ambient air temperature for storage
-40…185 °F (-40…85 °C).
relative humidity
95 % without condensation.
operating altitude
<= 16404.2 ft (5000 m).

The 140AVI03000 is an analog input module designed for the Modicon Quantum automation platform by Schneider Electric. This module is part of the extensive Quantum series, known for its robustness, flexibility, and high performance in industrial automation and control systems. The 140AVI03000 is specifically engineered to handle analog input signals, making it ideal for applications requiring precise measurement and control.

Key Features and Specifications

Analog Input Channels

The 140AVI03000 module is equipped with 8 differential input channels. These channels are designed to receive signals from various analog sensors and devices, converting them into digital values that can be processed by the Quantum automation system. The differential input configuration helps reduce common-mode noise and enhance signal accuracy.

Input Signal Range

This module supports a wide range of input signals, including:

  • Voltage: ±10V, ±5V, 0-10V, 0-5V
  • Current: 4-20mA

The flexibility in handling both voltage and current signals makes the 140AVI03000 suitable for various industrial applications, such as temperature monitoring, pressure sensing, and flow measurement.

Resolution and Accuracy

The 140AVI03000 offers a high-resolution 16-bit A/D conversion, ensuring precise signal measurement and processing. The high resolution allows for detailed monitoring of input signals, which is crucial for applications requiring fine control and accuracy. The module also boasts excellent accuracy and linearity, essential for maintaining the integrity of measured data.

Isolation and Protection

One of the critical aspects of the 140AVI03000 is its robust isolation and protection features. The module provides 1500 V RMS channel-to-bus isolation, protecting the control system from high-voltage spikes and ensuring signal integrity. Additionally, it has overvoltage protection to safeguard the module and connected devices from accidental overvoltage conditions.

Diagnostics and Status Indicators

The 140AVI03000 includes built-in diagnostic features and status indicators to facilitate easy monitoring and maintenance. The module provides real-time diagnostic information, such as channel status and error conditions, through LED indicators and diagnostic registers accessible via the Quantum automation system. This feature helps in quickly identifying and resolving issues, minimizing system downtime.

Installation and Configuration

Physical Installation

The 140AVI03000 module is designed for easy installation into a Quantum backplane. It follows the standard form factor of Quantum I/O modules, ensuring compatibility with existing Quantum racks and power supplies. The module is hot-swappable, allowing for replacement without shutting down the entire system, thus improving maintenance efficiency.


Configuring the 140AVI03000 module involves setting up the input signal types and ranges for each channel. This is typically done through the programming software used with the Quantum automation system, such as Unity Pro or EcoStruxure Control Expert. The software provides a user-friendly interface for defining the module’s parameters and integrating it into the overall control strategy.


The 140AVI03000 module is versatile and can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, including:

Process Control

In process industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage, the 140AVI03000 is used to monitor critical parameters like temperature, pressure, and flow. Accurate analog input measurement is essential for maintaining process stability and product quality.

Energy Management

The module plays a crucial role in energy management systems, where it is used to monitor electrical parameters, such as voltage and current, from various points in the distribution network. This information is vital for optimizing energy usage and ensuring the reliability of power systems.

Environmental Monitoring

In environmental monitoring applications, the 140AVI03000 collects data from sensors measuring parameters like air quality, water quality, and soil conditions. This data is used to assess environmental impact and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


The 140AVI03000 Modicon Quantum analog input module is a powerful and reliable component for industrial automation systems. With its high resolution, flexibility in handling various input signals, and robust isolation features, it is well-suited for a wide range of applications. Its ease of installation and configuration, combined with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, make it an excellent choice for maintaining precise control and monitoring in demanding industrial environments. Whether in process control, energy management, or environmental monitoring, the 140AVI03000 provides the performance and reliability needed to meet the challenges of modern automation systems.