1785-L80B Allen-Bradley

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Designed for industrial environments, the Allen-Bradley 1785-L80B PLC combines powerful processing capabilities with versatile communication interfaces.

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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 1785-L80B PLC-5/80 Controller, 100K Word SRAM, 4xDH+/RIO
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1785-L80B PLC-5/80 Processor, 100K Word SRAM, 3072 Total I/O, 3072 Analog I/O, 4 DH+/Remote I/O Channels
UPC / GTIN: 10612598126122
  • Architecture: The 1785-L80B PLC belongs to Allen-Bradley’s PLC-5 series, known for its modular architecture and robust industrial design. It supports various I/O modules for flexible configuration in different industrial applications.
  • Memory and Processing Power: It features adequate memory and processing power suitable for handling moderate to complex control tasks. This includes storing program logic, handling input/output operations, and managing communication with other devices on the factory floor.
  • Communication Interfaces: The PLC supports multiple communication interfaces such as Ethernet, DH+, and serial communication protocols. These interfaces enable seamless integration with other PLCs, HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, facilitating real-time data exchange and remote monitoring.
  • Programming Software: Programming for the 1785-L80B PLC is typically done using RSLogix 5 software (now part of Studio 5000), which employs ladder logic or other programming languages supported by the PLC-5 platform. This software allows engineers to create and debug control programs tailored to specific industrial processes.
  • Redundancy Options: For enhanced reliability in critical applications, the PLC supports redundancy configurations. Redundancy ensures continuous operation by switching control to a backup unit in case of a primary PLC failure, minimizing downtime and improving system availability.
  • Diagnostic Capabilities: Built-in diagnostic features provide insights into the operational status of the PLC and connected devices. Engineers can monitor I/O status, detect faults, and troubleshoot issues quickly, thereby optimizing maintenance efforts and improving overall system performance.
  • Environmental Durability: Designed for harsh industrial environments, the 1785-L80B PLC is rugged and capable of withstanding temperature variations, humidity, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference commonly encountered in manufacturing facilities.
  • Legacy Considerations: As a legacy product, the 1785-L80B PLC may have limited support and availability of spare parts compared to newer Allen-Bradley PLC models. Organizations using these PLCs may need to plan for migration to newer platforms to leverage advanced features, ongoing support, and compatibility with modern industrial automation trends.

These points highlight the capabilities, features, and considerations associated with the Allen-Bradley 1785-L80B PLC in industrial automation applications. If you have further questions or need more details on any specific aspect, feel free to ask!