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Range of Product Altivar 32.
Product or Component Type Variable-speed drive.
Product destination Asynchronous motors.
Synchronous motors.
Product-Specific Application Complex machines.
Function Available
Assembly style With heat sink.
component name ATV32.
EMC filter Class C2 EMC filter integrated.
Phase 1 phase
[Us] rated supply voltage 200…240 V, 15…10 %.
Supply voltage limits 170…264 V.
Supply frequency 50…60 Hz, 5…5 %.
Network Frequency 47.5…63 Hz.
Motor power (kW) 0.18 kW 200–240 V.
Maximum Horse Power Rating 0.25 hp 200…240 V.
Line current 2.8 A 240 V, 1 phase, 0.18 kW, / 0.25 hp.
3.4 A, 200 V, 1 phase, 0.18 kW, 0.25 hp.
Apparent power 0.7 kVA 240 V, 1 phase, 0.18 kW, / 0.25 hp.
Prospective line Isc 1 kA, 1 phase.
Nominal output current 1.5 A 4 kHz, 240 V, 0.18 kW, 0.25 hp.
Maximum transient current 2.3 A 60 s, 0.18 kW, 0.25 hp.
Output frequency 0.0005…0.599 kHz.
Nominal switching frequency 4 kHz.
Switching frequency 2…16 kHz adjustable.
Speed range 1…100 asynchronous motor in open-loop mode.
Speed accuracy +/- 10 % of nominal slip 0.2 Tn to Tn.
Torque accuracy +/- 15 %.
Transient overtorque 170…200 %.
Braking torque <= 170 % with braking resistor.
Asynchronous motor control profile Voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points.
Voltage/frequency ratio: energy Energy Saving, quadratic U/f.
Voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points.
Flux vector control without sensor, standard.
Flux vector control without sensors: energy Energy. Saving, no-load law
Synchronous motor control profile Vector control without sensor.
Regulation loop Adjustable PID regulator.
Motor slip compensation Automatic, whatever the load.
Adjustable 0…300 %.
Not available in voltage/frequency ratio (2 or 5 points).
Local signalling 1 LED red drive voltage.
1 LED green CANopen run.
1 LED red CANopen error.
1 LED red drive fault
Output voltage <= power supply voltage.
Noise level 43 dB 86/188/EEC.
insulation Electrical between power and control.
Electrical connection Screw terminal 0.5…1.5 mm2, AWG 18…AWG 14 control).
(Removable screw terminals 1.5–2.5 mm2, AWG 14–.AWG 12 motor/braking resistor).
Screw terminal 1.5–4 mm2, AWG 14–AWG 10 power supply).
Tightening torque 4.43 (0.5 N.m.), 4.4 lb/ft. control).
6.20 (0.7 N.m.), 7.1 lb/ft. motor/braking resistor).
5.31 (0.6 N.m.), 5.3 lb/ft. power supply)
Supply Internal supply for reference potentiometer (1 to 10 kOhm).

10.5 V DC +/- 5 %, <10 mA overload and short-circuit protection.

analogue input number 3
Analogue input type AI1 voltage 0…10 V DC 30000 Ohm 10 bits.
AI2 bipolar differential voltage +/- 10 V DC 30000 Ohm 10 bits.
AI3 current: 0…20 mA (or 4-20 mA, x-20 mA, 20-x mA or other patterns by configuration) 250 Ohm 10 bits.
Sampling duration 2 ms (AI1, AI2, AI3): analog.
2 ms (AO1): analog.
Response time LI1…LI6 8 ms +/- 0.7 ms logic.
R1A, R1B, and R1C 2 ms relay.
R2A, R2C, 2 ms relay.
Accuracy +/- 0.2 % AI1, AI2, AI3 for a temperature of -10.60 °C.
+/- 0.5 % AI1, AI2, AI3 for a temperature of 25 °C.
+/- 1 % AO1) for a temperature of 25 °C.
+/- 2 % AO1) for a temperature of -10.60 °C.
Linearity error +/- 0.2… 0.5%% of maximum value (AI1, AI2, AI3)
+/- 0.3 % AO1).
analogue output number 1
Analogue output type AO1 software-configurable current 0…20 mA, 800 Ohm, 10 bits.
AO1 software-configurable voltage: 0…10 V, 470 Ohm, 10 bits.
Discrete output number 3
Discrete output type Configurable relay logic (R1A, R1B, R1C): NO/NC: 100000 cycles.
Configurable relay logic (R2A, R2B): NO: 100000 cycles
Logic LO).
Minimum switching current 5 mA, 24 V DC, configurable relay logic.
Maximum switching current R1 3 A 250 V AC resistive, cos phi = 1.
R1 4 A 30 V DC resistive, cos phi = 1.
R1, R2 2 A 250 V AC inductive, cos phi = 0.4.
R1, R2, 2 A, 30 V DC inductive, cos phi = 0.4.
R2 5 A 250 V AC resistive, cos phi = 1.
R2 5 A 30 V DC resistive, cos phi = 1.
Discrete input number 7
Discrete input type Programmable (sink/source) LI1… LI4… 24… 30 V DC level 1 PLC.
Programmable as pulse input 20 kpps LI5) 24…30 V DC level 1 PLC.
Switch-configurable PTC probe LI6) 24…30 V DC.
Safe torque off STO: 24.30 V DC, 1500 Ohm.
Discrete input logic Negative logic (sink) LI1… LI6), > 19 V, < 13 V.
Positive logic (source): LI1… LI6,, < 5 V, > 11 V.
Acceleration and deceleration ramps S
Deceleration ramp automatic stop DC injection.
Ramp switching.
Deceleration and ramp adaptation.
Braking to standstill By DC injection
Protection type Input phase breaks drive.
Overcurrent between output phases and earth drive.
Overheating protection drive.
Short-circuit between motor phases drive.
Thermal protection drive.
communication port protocol Modbus.
Connector type 1 RJ45 on front face)Modbus/CANopen.
Physical interface 2-wire RS 485 Modbus.
Transmission frame RTU Modbus.
Types of polarization No impedance Modbus.
Number of addresses 1…127 CANopen.
1…247 Modbus.
Method of access Slave CANopen
Electromagnetic compatibility 1.2/50 µs–8/20 µs surge immunity test, level 3 IEC 61000-4-5.
Conducted radio-frequency immunity test, level 3 (IEC 61000-4-6)..
Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test, level 4 IEC 61000-4-4.
Electrostatic discharge immunity test, level 3, IEC 61000-4-2.
Radiated radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity test, level 3 (IEC 61000-4-3).
Voltage dips and interruptions immunity test (IEC 61000-4-11).
Width 1.77 in. (45 mm).
Height 12.80 in (325 mm).
Depth 9.65 in (245 mm).
Net Weight 5.29 lb (US) (2.4 kg).
Option card Communication card: CANopen daisy chain.
Communication card CANopen open style.
Communication card: DeviceNet.
Communication card: EtherNet/IP.
Communication card Profibus DP V1.
Standards EN/IEC 61800-3.
EN 61800-3 environments 2 category C2.
EN/IEC 61800-5-1.
EN 61800-3 Environments, Category C2..
EN 55011, class A, group 1
Product Certifications C-tick
NOM 117
Marking CE
Pollution degree 2 EN/IEC 61800-5-1.
IP degree of protection IP20 EN/IEC 61800-5-1.
Vibration resistance 1 gn (13…200 Hz) EN/IEC 60068-2-6.
1.5 mm peak to peak (3…13 Hz) EN/IEC 60068-2-6.
Shock resistance 15 gn 11 msEN/IEC 60068-2-27..
Relative humidity 5…95 % without condensation IEC 60068-2-3.
5… 95%% without dripping water IEC 60068-2-3.
Ambient air temperature for operation 14…122 °F (-10…50 °C) without derating.
122…140 °F (50…60 °C) with derating factor.
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage -13…158 °F (-25…70 °C).
Operating altitude <= 3280.84 ft (1000 m) without derating.
3280.84…6561.68 ft (1000…2000 m) with current. derating 1 % per 100 m.
Operating position Vertical +/- 10 degrees.
Ordering and shipping details
Category 22000-Temporary Category for ITS Price Promotion.
Discount Schedule I
GTIN 00785901632160.
Returnability No
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The ATV32H018M2 belongs to Schneider Electric’s Altivar 32 series, renowned for its compact size, robust performance, and advanced motor control capabilities. It is specifically designed to meet the demands of various industrial sectors where precise speed control, energy efficiency, and reliable operation are essential.

Key Features

  • Motor Control Capabilities: The ATV32H018M2 supports a motor power range up to 1.5 kW (approximately 2 hp) with voltage ratings suitable for typical industrial applications. It offers adjustable speed control through vector control and sensorless flux vector control methods, ensuring optimal performance across different load conditions.
  • Compact and Flexible Design: With its compact size, the ATV32H018M2 is easy to integrate into control panels and machinery, making it suitable for installations where space is limited. This flexibility in placement enhances system design and reduces installation costs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The VFD features an integrated keypad and graphical display, providing operators with intuitive access to programming, monitoring, and diagnostic functions. Users can easily navigate through menus to configure parameters, monitor motor status, and troubleshoot issues directly at the drive.
  • Communication and Connectivity: It supports various communication protocols including Modbus, CANopen, and Ethernet/IP, enabling seamless integration into industrial automation systems. This facilitates remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency: The ATV32H018M2 incorporates energy-saving features such as adjustable ramp-up/down times and automatic energy optimization functions. These features help reduce energy consumption during motor start-up and operation, contributing to lower operating costs and environmental sustainability.
  • Built-in Protection and Safety: To ensure reliable operation and protect connected equipment, the VFD includes comprehensive built-in protections against overcurrent, short circuit, motor overheating, and other electrical faults. These protections enhance system reliability and extend equipment lifespan.


The ATV32H018M2 is well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Pumps and Fans: Controlling flow rates and optimizing energy consumption in HVAC systems, water distribution networks, and industrial pumping stations.
  • Conveyors and Material Handling: Regulating conveyor belt speeds for efficient material handling in manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse operations.
  • Machine Tools: Providing precise speed control and torque management in machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and drilling rigs, ensuring high productivity and accuracy.