XBTZG935 Application Transfer Cable b/w Terminal & PC

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Range of Product Harmony XBT.
accessory / separate part category Connection accessories.
accessory / separate part type Connecting cable.
accessory / separate part designation Application transfer cable between terminal and PC.
accessory / separate part destination Advanced panel.
3.5″ small touch screen panel.
3.4″ small touch screen panel.
Cable length 8.20 ft (2.5 m).
Product Compatibility XBTOT.
electrical connection 1 male connector USB.
1 male connector (USB terminal side).
communication port support TTL.
Ordering and shipping details
Category 22569-MAGELIS XBT-GT (AND XBT-G).
Discount Schedule MC2
GTIN 3595863885705.
Returnability Yes
Country of origin JP
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE.
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 0.98 in (2.5 cm).
Package 1 Width 5.91 in (15.0 cm).
Package 1 Length 5.91 in (15.0 cm).
Package 1 Weight 6.95 oz (197.0 g).
Unit Type of Package 2 S03
Number of Units in Package 2 35
Package 2 Height 11.81 in (30.0 cm).
Package 2 Width 11.81 in (30.0 cm).
Package 2 Length 15.75 in (40.0 cm).
Package 2 Weight 16.78 lb (US) (7.61 kg).

The XBTZG935 Application Transfer Cable is a vital accessory in industrial automation and control systems. It facilitates the transfer of data and applications between terminals and personal computers (PCs). This cable is specifically designed for compatibility with Schneider Electric’s Magelis series of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and is an essential tool for efficient configuration, programming, and troubleshooting of these devices.

Overview and Purpose

The XBTZG935 Application Transfer Cable is primarily used to connect a Magelis terminal to a PC. This connection allows for the seamless transfer of applications and data. By enabling direct communication between the HMI and a PC, the XBTZG935 cable simplifies the processes of configuring, updating, and maintaining industrial control systems. This cable is particularly useful for engineers and technicians who need to frequently update HMI applications or troubleshoot system issues.

Technical Specifications

The XBTZG935 cable is designed with the following key technical specifications:

  • Connector Types: The cable features a 9-pin D-Sub connector on one end and a Mini-DIN connector on the other end.
  • Length: The cable length is typically around 3 meters, providing sufficient reach for most industrial settings.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Schneider Electric’s Magelis XBT series HMIs and PCs with corresponding ports.
  • Data Transfer Rate: The cable supports standard data transfer rates suitable for HMI configuration and application transfer.

Features and Benefits

  1. Ease of Use: The XBTZG935 cable is designed for plug-and-play operation. Users can quickly connect the HMI to a PC without the need for complex setup procedures, making it highly convenient for on-site adjustments and updates.
  2. Reliable Connection: The high-quality connectors ensure a stable and reliable connection between the terminal and the PC. This reliability is crucial for maintaining data integrity during transfer operations.
  3. Durability: Built with industrial-grade materials, the XBTZG935 cable is robust and durable, capable of withstanding harsh industrial environments. This durability ensures long-term usability and reduces the need for frequent replacements.
  4. Versatility: The cable’s compatibility with various models of Magelis HMIs and PCs makes it a versatile tool for different industrial applications. It can be used across multiple systems, enhancing its utility for automation professionals.


The XBTZG935 cable is used in a wide range of industrial automation applications, including but not limited to:

  • HMI Configuration: Engineers use the cable to upload and download HMI applications, ensuring that the terminal operates with the latest software versions and configurations.
  • System Maintenance: During routine maintenance, the cable allows technicians to back up HMI data and perform diagnostics, ensuring the smooth operation of control systems.
  • Troubleshooting: In case of system issues, the cable facilitates direct communication with the HMI, enabling rapid identification and resolution of problems.

Installation and Usage

Using the XBTZG935 cable is straightforward. The installation and usage process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Connecting the Cable:
    • Connect the 9-pin D-Sub end of the cable to the corresponding port on the PC.
    • Connect the Mini-DIN end to the port on the Magelis HMI.
  2. Establishing Communication:
    • Ensure that both the HMI and the PC are powered on.
    • Use the appropriate software (such as Schneider Electric’s Vijeo Designer) to establish communication between the PC and the HMI.
  3. Transferring Data:
    • Once the connection is established, users can upload or download applications and data as needed.
    • Follow the software prompts to complete the transfer process, ensuring that the data integrity is maintained throughout the operation.

Compatibility and Software Requirements

The XBTZG935 cable is designed for use with specific models of Schneider Electric’s Magelis HMIs. It is important to verify compatibility before use to ensure proper functionality. Additionally, appropriate software such as Vijeo Designer or EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert is required to facilitate communication and data transfer. These software tools provide a user-friendly interface for managing HMI applications and configurations.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the XBTZG935 cable, regular maintenance and care are recommended. Key maintenance tips include:

  • Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect the cable for signs of wear and tear. Look for any damage to the connectors or the cable sheath.
  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store the cable in a dry and cool environment to prevent damage from environmental factors.
  • Avoiding Excessive Bending: To prevent internal damage, avoid excessive bending or twisting of the cable during use and storage.


The XBTZG935 Application Transfer Cable is an essential accessory for industrial automation professionals. Its ease of use, reliability, and versatility make it a valuable tool for configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Magelis HMIs. By ensuring efficient data transfer and application updates, the XBTZG935 cable plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of industrial control systems. Proper use and maintenance of this cable will enhance its longevity and ensure consistent performance in various industrial applications.