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Model: 2711K5A2

Overview and Design Excellence

The Allen-Bradley 2711-K5A2 stands out in the realm of industrial HMIs due to its robust design and reliable performance. Featuring a 5.5-inch monochrome CRT display, it leverages CRT technology’s strengths: exceptional contrast, durability, and suitability for rugged industrial environments. This display type ensures clear visibility under various lighting conditions, crucial for operators monitoring critical processes in manufacturing and process control settings.

Technical Specifications

Display Clarity and User Interface

The 2711-K5A2’s CRT display provides a resolution optimized for displaying process graphics, alarms, and operational data with clarity and precision. Coupled with a tactile keypad interface, it facilitates intuitive navigation through menus and operational screens. This combination of CRT display and keypad offers operators responsive control over machinery and processes, reducing response times and enhancing operational efficiency.

Connectivity and Integration Capabilities

Designed for seamless integration with Allen-Bradley PLCs and other automation devices, the 2711-K5A2 supports communication protocols such as RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. This connectivity enables real-time data exchange, remote monitoring, and centralized control across industrial networks. Such capabilities are essential for maintaining operational continuity, optimizing production workflows, and ensuring regulatory compliance in industries ranging from manufacturing to utilities.

Software Compatibility and Customization

Compatible with Rockwell Software’s PanelBuilder32, the 2711-K5A2 empowers engineers and system integrators to create tailored graphical interfaces. PanelBuilder32 provides a comprehensive toolkit for designing screens, configuring alarms, logging historical data, and implementing control strategies specific to industrial applications. This customization capability ensures that the HMI aligns precisely with operational requirements, enhancing adaptability and responsiveness to evolving industrial needs.

Applications and Industry Utility

The Allen-Bradley 2711-K5A2 serves as a critical component across diverse industrial sectors, fulfilling essential roles in:

  • Manufacturing: Enhancing productivity on production lines by monitoring equipment status, optimizing process parameters, and ensuring consistent product quality.
  • Process Control: Supporting operations in chemical processing plants, refineries, and utilities by overseeing complex processes, managing alarms, and facilitating prompt responses to operational changes.
  • Utilities and Infrastructure: Contributing to the efficiency of power generation facilities, water treatment plants, and transportation networks by monitoring infrastructure health, managing energy consumption, and ensuring operational safety.

Advantages and Benefits

Reliability and Durability

Engineered for durability in challenging industrial environments, the 2711-K5A2 withstands temperature fluctuations, humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Its robust construction minimizes downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures uninterrupted operation critical for continuous production processes.

Operational Efficiency

The combination of a CRT display and tactile keypad interface enhances operational efficiency by providing clear visual feedback and responsive control. Operators can swiftly navigate through operational screens, interpret data trends, and execute commands with precision, optimizing workflow efficiency and minimizing errors.

Legacy of Performance

With a proven track record of reliability and performance excellence, the 2711-K5A2 exemplifies Rockwell Automation’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the rigorous demands of industrial automation. Its enduring legacy continues to support operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and strategic decision-making across industrial sectors worldwide.

Considerations and Future Adaptability

Technological Advancements

While the 2711-K5A2 excels with its CRT display and tactile interface, ongoing technological advancements in HMI technology, such as touchscreen interfaces, higher resolutions, and enhanced connectivity options, offer potential benefits in terms of user interface flexibility, data visualization capabilities, and integration with emerging Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Long-Term Support and Evolution

As industries evolve, considerations regarding long-term support, availability of replacement parts, and compatibility with evolving automation standards become crucial. Organizations investing in the 2711-K5A2 should evaluate these factors to ensure continued operational efficiency and alignment with future automation strategies.


The Allen-Bradley 2711-K5A2 HMI remains a cornerstone in industrial automation, celebrated for its reliability, durability, and functionality in enhancing control and visualization capabilities. With its CRT display technology, tactile keypad interface, and robust integration capabilities, it continues to empower industries to optimize production processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and adapt to changing operational requirements. As industrial automation evolves, the 2711-K5A2 stands as a testament to Rockwell Automation’s commitment to delivering enduring solutions that drive efficiency, reliability, and innovation across global industrial landscapes.