BMXDDI1602 Modicon X80

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With 2-wire and 3-wire proximity sensors conforming to IEC 60947-5-2

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range of product
product or component type
Discrete input module
discrete input number
discrete input type
input type
Current sink (logic positive)
discrete input voltage
24 V DC positive
discrete input current
3.5 mA
input compatibility
With 2-wire and 3-wire proximity sensors conforming to IEC 60947-5-2
sensor power supply
19…30 V
voltage state 1 guaranteed
>= 11 V
current state is guaranteed
>= 2 mA
voltage state 0 guaranteed
<= 5 V
current state 0 guaranteed
<= 1.5 mA
input impedance
6800 Ohm
insulation resistance
> 10 MOhm, 500 V DC
power dissipation in W
<= 2.5 W
DC typical filtering time
4 ms
DC maximum filtering time
7 ms
paralleling of inputs
typical current consumption
90 mA at 3.3 V DC
MTBF reliability
798237 H
protection type
Reverse polarity protection
1 external fuse per group of channel 0.5 A fast blow
voltage detection threshold
< 14 V DC sensor fault
> 18 V DC sensor OK
status LED
1 LED green module operating (RUN),
1 LED per channel, green channel diagnostic,
1 LED red module I/O,
1 LED red module error (ERR).
product weight
0.25 lb (US) (0.115 kg)
IP degree of protection
2012/19/EU: WEEE directive,
2014/30/EU: electromagnetic compatibility,
2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive.
product certifications
Merchant Navy,
EN 61000-6-2,
EN 61000-6-4,
EN 61131-2,
EN 61010-2-201.
dielectric strength
1500 V AC at 50/60 Hz, 1 minute, primary/secondary.
vibration resistance
3 gn
shock resistance
30 gn
ambient air temperature for storage
-40…185 °F (-40…85 °C)
ambient air temperature for operation
32…140 °F (0…60 °C)
relative humidity
5… 95% without condensation, 131 °F (55 °C).
protective treatment
operating altitude
0.6561.68 ft (0.2000 m),
2000–5000 m (with derating factor).
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18160, MODICON M340
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BMXDDI1602 Digital Input Module

The BMXDDI1602 is a digital input module within the Modicon X80 series, designed to interface with various digital input devices. Here are its main features and specifications:


  • Digital Inputs: Provides multiple digital input channels for receiving signals from field devices such as sensors, switches, and other discrete input sources.
  • High-Density Input: Offers a high density of input channels in a single module, optimizing space and reducing installation costs.
  • LED Indicators: Equipped with LED indicators for each input channel, providing visual status feedback for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Isolation: Features electrical isolation between channels and system components to protect against electrical noise and ensure reliable operation.


  • Type: Digital input module
  • Model Number: BMXDDI1602
  • Input Channels: 16 digital input channels
  • Input Voltage: Typically supports 24V DC input signals
  • Response Time: Fast response time suitable for high-speed data acquisition
  • Current Consumption: Low power consumption, efficient design
  • Mounting: Fits into a standard X80 series rack, allowing for easy installation and integration with other modules


The BMXDDI1602 digital input module is used in a variety of industrial applications where reliable and efficient digital input processing is required. Common applications include:

  • Manufacturing Automation: Monitors and controls discrete input signals from sensors, switches, and other devices in production lines and machinery.
  • Process Control: Integrates with process control systems to receive digital input signals from field instruments and sensors.
  • Building Automation: Used in building management systems for monitoring and controlling various digital inputs, such as occupancy sensors, door contacts, and security devices.
  • Energy Management: Collects digital input data from energy meters, circuit breakers, and other electrical devices in power distribution systems.