MA-0186-100 Modicon Quantum

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Range of Product Modicon Quantum automation platform
Accessory / separate part designation Coaxial cable splitter
accessory / separate part type Repeater
accessory / separate part category Connection accessories
Product Specific Application To repeat a signal from a single cable for two-cable use
Topology Ring
Ordering and shipping details
Discount Schedule PC21
GTIN 3595861134898
Returnability Yes
Country of origin TW
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 1.18 in (3.0 cm)
Package 1 Width 3.35 in (8.5 cm)
Package 1 Length 7.05 in (17.9 cm)
Package 1 Weight 3.46 oz (98.0 g)
Unit Type of Package 2 S04
Number of Units in Package 2 96
Package 2 Height 11.81 in (30.0 cm)
Package 2 Width 15.75 in (40.0 cm)
Package 2 Length 23.62 in (60.0 cm)
Package 2 Weight 20.74 lb(US) (9.408 kg)

The MA-0186-100 module is part of the Modicon Quantum series by Schneider Electric, designed for industrial automation applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of its features and functionality:


The MA-0186-100 is a discrete input module within the Modicon Quantum series, which is known for its scalability, robustness, and reliability in controlling and monitoring industrial processes. This module specifically facilitates the input of discrete signals from field devices, contributing to efficient operation and control in diverse industrial environments.

Key Features

  1. Input Channels: The MA-0186-100 module typically includes multiple input channels, each capable of receiving discrete signals (binary inputs) from sensors, switches, or other devices. This enables monitoring of various operational states or conditions within a control system.
  2. Compatibility: It is designed to seamlessly integrate with Schneider Electric’s Modicon Quantum PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) platform, offering compatibility with other Quantum series modules and ensuring interoperability within a larger automation system.
  3. High-Speed Processing: The module supports high-speed processing of input signals, allowing real-time monitoring and rapid response to changes in field conditions. This capability is crucial for applications requiring precise timing and fast feedback.
  4. Diagnostic Capabilities: It provides diagnostic information and status indicators for each input channel, enabling operators to quickly identify faults, troubleshoot issues, and maintain system uptime.
  5. Scalability and Flexibility: As part of the Modicon Quantum series, the MA-0186-100 module offers scalability to accommodate varying system requirements. It supports expansion through additional modules and communication networks, providing flexibility in system design and future upgrades.
  6. Environmental Resilience: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the module features robust construction and is designed to operate reliably under conditions of temperature variations, humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).


The MA-0186-100 module is commonly used in industrial automation applications such as:

  • Manufacturing: Monitoring and controlling production processes, machinery, and equipment in manufacturing plants.
  • Utilities: Managing and controlling utility networks including water treatment, energy distribution, and wastewater management.
  • Transportation: Providing control and monitoring solutions in transportation systems such as railways, airports, and shipping ports.


The Schneider Electric MA-0186-100 module enhances industrial automation systems by providing reliable and efficient discrete input signal processing. With its robust features, compatibility with Modicon Quantum PLCs, and ability to withstand challenging environments, it supports enhanced operational control, system reliability, and scalability in diverse industrial applications.