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The PC-E984-255 is a CPU module within the Modicon series, manufactured by Schneider Electric. This module, equipped with 16K memory and a single communication port, is designed for industrial automation applications, offering robust processing power and versatile communication capabilities.

Overview of Modicon PC-E984-255 CPU Module

The Modicon series of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) is renowned for its reliability and performance in industrial environments. The PC-E984-255 CPU module is part of this legacy, providing essential control and processing functions for a variety of automation tasks. With its 16K memory, it is suitable for handling complex control algorithms and data processing needs.

Key Features of PC-E984-255 CPU Module

  1. 16K Memory: Offers ample memory capacity for storing programs, data, and configuration settings, ensuring efficient execution of control tasks.
  2. Single Communication Port: Includes one communication port that supports various industrial communication protocols, allowing seamless integration with other devices and networks.
  3. High Processing Power: Equipped with a powerful processor to handle complex computations and control tasks efficiently.
  4. Versatile Connectivity: Supports multiple communication standards, enabling integration with SCADA systems, HMIs, and other PLCs.
  5. Robust Design: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, with resistance to dust, temperature variations, and electrical interference.

Technical Specifications

  • Memory: 16K RAM for user programs and data.
  • Communication Port: One port supporting Modbus and other industrial communication protocols.
  • Processor Speed: Designed to provide quick response times and efficient task handling.
  • Environmental Ratings: Suitable for operation in industrial conditions with robust design parameters.
  • Power Requirements: Compatible with standard industrial power supplies, ensuring reliable operation.

Applications of the PC-E984-255 CPU Module

The PC-E984-255 CPU module is used across various industries due to its versatility and robust performance. Key applications include:

  1. Manufacturing Automation: Controls production processes, ensuring efficient and precise operation of machinery and equipment.
  2. Process Control: Manages complex process control tasks in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and water treatment.
  3. Building Automation: Used in building management systems for controlling HVAC, lighting, and security systems.
  4. Energy Management: Integrates with energy management systems to monitor and optimize energy usage.
  5. Infrastructure Management: Deployed in infrastructure projects such as transportation systems and utilities for reliable control and monitoring.

Integration with Other Modicon Modules

The PC-E984-255 CPU module seamlessly integrates with other Modicon modules, including:

  • I/O Modules: Works with a wide range of digital and analog input/output modules, expanding the system’s capability to monitor and control various processes.
  • Communication Modules: Enhances connectivity by supporting additional communication modules, facilitating integration with different networks and devices.
  • Power Supply Modules: Compatible with Modicon power supply modules, ensuring consistent power delivery to the system.

Benefits of Using the PC-E984-255 CPU Module

  • Enhanced Performance: High processing power and ample memory capacity ensure efficient execution of control tasks.
  • Reliable Communication: Single communication port with support for multiple protocols provides reliable and flexible connectivity.
  • Scalability: Easily expandable with other Modicon modules, allowing the system to grow with the application needs.
  • Durability: Robust design ensures long-term reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces operational costs by providing efficient control and reducing downtime.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the PC-E984-255 CPU module involves the following steps:

  1. Mounting: Securely mount the CPU module within the PLC rack system, ensuring proper alignment and connection with other modules.
  2. Wiring: Connect the communication port to the relevant network or devices using appropriate cables and connectors.
  3. Configuration: Load the user program and configuration settings into the module’s memory, ensuring correct operation.
  4. Testing: Perform initial testing to verify that the module is communicating correctly and executing control tasks as expected.

Maintenance of the PC-E984-255 CPU module includes regular inspections to ensure secure connections, monitoring for signs of wear or damage, and performing firmware updates to maintain optimal performance.


The PC-E984-255 CPU module from Schneider Electric’s Modicon series is a powerful and versatile component designed to meet the demands of modern industrial automation. With its 16K memory, high processing power, and reliable communication capabilities, it is well-suited for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing and process control to building automation and energy management.