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In the dynamic landscape of industrial automation and control systems, the Red Lion Control Apollo Meter IMI04113 stands out as a beacon of reliability and precision. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial environments, this digital panel meter combines advanced features with intuitive usability, making it a versatile choice across a spectrum of applications.

Design and Display

Central to the IMI04113’s appeal is its robust design and clear LED display. The meter is crafted with durability in mind, housed in a rugged enclosure that protects it from dust, moisture, and mechanical stress—common hazards in industrial settings. The LED display ensures high visibility under varying lighting conditions, crucial for operators monitoring critical parameters in real-time. This feature-rich design is complemented by an intuitive user interface, featuring straightforward menus and navigation controls that simplify setup and operation.

Measurement Capabilities

The IMI04113 supports a wide range of input types, accommodating diverse industrial measurement needs. Analog inputs include voltage ranges of 0-10V and 0-5V, as well as current inputs of 4-20mA, catering to sensors and transducers prevalent in industrial processes. Additionally, the meter accepts inputs from thermocouples (Types J, K, T, etc.) and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) like Pt100 and Pt1000, ensuring accurate measurement of temperature gradients critical in manufacturing and environmental monitoring applications.

Communication and Connectivity

Facilitating seamless integration into industrial networks, the IMI04113 supports multiple communication protocols. These include Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP, along with RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet interfaces. Such versatility allows the meter to communicate with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other automation devices. Moreover, some models offer data logging capabilities, enabling the storage and retrieval of historical data for performance analysis, compliance reporting, and troubleshooting.

Applications Across Industries

The IMI04113 finds application across diverse industries, thanks to its adaptability and robust performance characteristics:

  • Manufacturing: In manufacturing environments, the meter plays a pivotal role in monitoring process variables such as pressure, flow rate, and temperature. Its precise measurements ensure optimal operational efficiency and product quality.
  • Energy Management: Within energy management systems, the IMI04113 aids in tracking consumption metrics and optimizing resource allocation. This capability supports sustainable practices and cost-effective operations.
  • Environmental Monitoring: For environmental monitoring applications, the meter provides real-time data on ambient conditions, crucial for regulatory compliance and ensuring workplace safety.

Additional Features and Benefits

Equipped with configurable alarms and setpoints, the IMI04113 enables proactive monitoring and alerting of deviations from predefined parameters. This feature enhances operational reliability by minimizing downtime and preventing equipment failures. Furthermore, the meter’s durable enclosure and robust construction ensure longevity in harsh industrial environments, safeguarding internal components from environmental factors and mechanical wear.

Integration and Usability

The IMI04113’s compatibility with industry-standard communication protocols facilitates seamless integration into existing control systems. Its plug-and-play functionality reduces installation complexity and accelerates deployment, thereby minimizing implementation costs. The intuitive user interface enhances usability, reducing training time for operators and enabling swift adaptation to new monitoring and control tasks.

Future-Proofing Industrial Operations

As industries evolve towards greater automation and digitalization, the IMI04113 remains at the forefront of technological innovation. Its ability to deliver accurate measurements, seamless connectivity, and robust performance positions it as a reliable asset for enhancing operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and overall competitiveness. By investing in the IMI04113, industrial enterprises future-proof their monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring sustained productivity and adaptability in a rapidly changing market landscape.


In conclusion, the Red Lion Control Apollo Meter IMI04113 exemplifies excellence in digital panel meter technology, offering unmatched reliability, precision, and versatility for industrial applications. From its durable design and high-visibility display to its extensive measurement capabilities and seamless integration options, every aspect of the IMI04113 is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial environments. Whether monitoring critical process variables, optimizing energy usage, or ensuring environmental compliance, the IMI04113 stands as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence and innovation across industries.