TSXMRPC448K Modicon Premium Automation Platform

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range of product Modicon Premium Automation Platform.
accessory / separate part designation Configurable SRAM application/file memory extension.
accessory / separate part type Memory extension.
accessory / separate part category Separate parts.
accessory / separate part destination Processor.
product compatibility TSX570. to TSX576.
memory type SRAM
memory capacity 352…0 kB data storage.
96,448 kB application.
slot Slot 0.
net weight 0.076 kg.
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE.
Package 1 Length 13.2 cm.
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 2 Width 30.0 cm.
Package 2: Height 15.0 cm.
Package 2: Weight 3.736 kg.
Package 1: Width 9.1 cm.
Package 1: Height 2.6 cm.
Package 1: Weight 85.9 g.
Number of Units in Package 2 40
Unit Type of Package 2 S02.
Package 2 Length 40.0 cm.


The TSXMRPC448K is a configurable SRAM application memory extension module developed by Schneider Electric, designed to enhance the memory capacity of industrial automation systems. This module is a crucial component for applications requiring additional memory to handle complex programs and data, providing flexibility and reliability for a range of automation tasks.

Key Features

  1. Enhanced Memory Capacity: The TSXMRPC448K provides 448 KB of SRAM memory, which significantly expands the available memory for application programs and data storage. This additional memory capacity is essential for systems running complex algorithms, managing large datasets, or handling multiple tasks simultaneously.
  2. Configurable Memory: The module’s configurable nature allows users to tailor the memory allocation based on their specific application requirements. This flexibility ensures that the memory extension can be optimized for different tasks, whether it’s for storing large programs, extensive data logs, or detailed configuration settings.
  3. Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate seamlessly with Schneider Electric’s PLC systems, the TSXMRPC448K is compatible with various controllers and automation platforms. Its integration with existing systems is straightforward, ensuring minimal disruption during installation and setup.
  4. High-Speed Data Access: The SRAM memory in the TSXMRPC448K offers high-speed data access, which is critical for real-time processing and control applications. Fast data retrieval and storage contribute to the overall efficiency of the automation system, enhancing performance and responsiveness.
  5. Reliability and Durability: Built to withstand industrial environments, the TSXMRPC448K is engineered for durability and reliability. Its robust design ensures stable operation in harsh conditions, including variations in temperature, humidity, and vibration, making it suitable for demanding applications.
  6. Easy Configuration and Management: The module features user-friendly configuration options, allowing easy adjustment of memory settings to meet specific needs. This ease of management simplifies the process of optimizing memory usage and ensures that the system remains adaptable to changing requirements.
  7. Error Detection and Correction: The TSXMRPC448K incorporates error detection and correction mechanisms to ensure data integrity. These features help to identify and correct errors that may occur during data storage or retrieval, maintaining the reliability of the application memory.
  8. Support for Various Applications: This memory extension module is versatile and can be used in a wide range of industrial automation applications. It supports applications such as process control, manufacturing automation, and data acquisition, providing the necessary memory to handle complex and data-intensive tasks.


  1. Manufacturing Automation: In manufacturing environments, the TSXMRPC448K can be used to support complex control algorithms and extensive data logging. The expanded memory capacity enables the storage of detailed production data, performance metrics, and advanced control routines, enhancing overall system efficiency.
  2. Process Control: For process control applications, the additional memory provided by the TSXMRPC448K is invaluable for managing and storing large sets of process parameters, historical data, and complex control programs. This capability ensures accurate and reliable process management.
  3. Data Acquisition: The module is well-suited for data acquisition systems where large volumes of data need to be collected and processed. The high-speed data access and substantial memory capacity facilitate the efficient handling and analysis of data, improving system performance.
  4. Building Automation: In building automation systems, the TSXMRPC448K can be used to manage and store configurations for HVAC systems, lighting controls, and security systems. Its configurable memory ensures that the system can accommodate various building management needs.
  5. Energy Management: The module supports energy management applications by providing additional memory for storing and analyzing energy consumption data, optimizing energy usage, and integrating with other energy management tools. This capability enhances the effectiveness of energy monitoring and control systems.


  1. Increased Memory Capacity: The 448 KB SRAM memory extension significantly enhances the available memory for automation systems, allowing for more complex programs and data handling.
  2. Flexibility: The configurable nature of the TSXMRPC448K allows users to adjust memory allocation based on specific application needs, providing flexibility and adaptability.
  3. High-Speed Performance: Fast data access ensures efficient real-time processing and control, contributing to the overall performance of the automation system.
  4. Reliability: Designed for industrial use, the TSXMRPC448K offers reliable operation in harsh environments, minimizing the risk of system failures and ensuring stable performance.
  5. Ease of Use: User-friendly configuration and management options simplify the process of optimizing memory usage and integrating the module into existing systems.
  6. Error Management: Built-in error detection and correction features maintain data integrity and reliability, enhancing the overall performance of the memory extension.


The TSXMRPC448K Configurable SRAM Application Memory Extension from Schneider Electric is a powerful and versatile solution for enhancing the memory capacity of industrial automation systems. With its substantial 448 KB SRAM, high-speed data access, and flexibility, it supports a wide range of applications, including manufacturing automation, process control, data acquisition, building automation, and energy management. Its robust design, ease of configuration, and reliable performance make it an invaluable component for systems requiring additional memory to handle complex tasks and data-intensive operations.